NIOD REWIND Episode 9: Kerstin von Lingen

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In episode 9 of NIOD REWIND, Anne van Mourik interviews historian Kerstin von Lingen.

Prof. Dr. Kerstin von Lingen is a historian and researcher, Professor at the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna. From 2013-2017, she led an independent research group at Heidelberg University in the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” entitled “Transcultural Justice: Legal Flows and the Emergence of International Justice within the East Asian War Crimes Trials, 1946-1954,” supervising four doctoral dissertations on the Soviet, Chinese, Dutch, and French war crimes trial policies in Asia, respectively. Her publications include two monographs in English, Kesselring’s Last Battle: War Crimes Trials and Cold War Politics, 1945-1960 (Lawrence: University of Kansas Press, 2009) and Allen Dulles, the OSS and Nazi War Criminals: The Dynamics of Selective Prosecution (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013). Her edited volumes include: Transcultural Justice at the Tokyo Tribunal: The Allied Struggle for Justice, 1946-48 (Brill 2018); Justice in times of turmoil: War Crimes trials in the Wake of Decolonization and Cold War in Asia (Palgrave 2016); Debating Collaboration and Complicity in War Crimes Trials in Asia (Palgrave 2017). In German, she published the multi-authored volumes Kriegserfahrung und nationale Identität in Europa [War experience and national identity in Europe after 1945], Paderborn: Schoeningh, 2009, and co-edited with Klaus Gestwa, Zwangsarbeit als Kriegsressource in Europa und Asien [Forced labor as a resource of War: European and Asian perspectives), Schoening 2014.
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