Novel fungi from an ancient niche: lachnoid and chalara-like fungi on ferns

E. Guatimosim, P. B. Schwartsburd, P. W. Crous, R. W. Barreto

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    A survey was conducted in Brazil to collect fungi on ferns. Based on morphology and inferred phylogeny from DNA sequences of two loci, namely the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions and the large subunit nuclear ribosomal RNA gene (LSU), several species belonging to chalara-like genera and lachnoid fungi were recognized. Eighteen fungal isolates, collected from five host species, representing 10 different localities were studied. Three novel genera (Lachnopsis, Scolecolachnum and Zymochalara), and six novel species (Bloxamia cyatheicola, Lachnopsis catarinensis, Lachnopsis dicksoniae, Scolecolachnum pteridii, Zymochalara lygodii and Zymochalara cyatheae) are introduced. Furthermore, two new combinations (Erioscyphella euterpes and Erioscyphella lushanensis) are proposed. Two novel taxa (Lachnopsis catarinensis and Lachnopsis dicksoniae) may be included in the list of potentially endangered fungal species in Brazil, if proven to be restricted to their tree-fern host, Dicksonia sellowiana, which is included in the official list of endangered plant species in Brazil.
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    TijdschriftMycological Progress
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    StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2016


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