Phonetics, corpus linguistics & dialectometry

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Visible Vowels is a tool for the visualization of vowel variation, developed by Wilbert Heeringa and Hans Van de Velde at the Fryske Akademy in Leeuwarden, and freely available at: Dr. Heeringa will give a demo of the program. Subsequently colleagues can try out the program by using their own data or by an example data set provided at the help page of the program, while Dr. Heeringa will guide and assist them. There are plans to include VIsible Vowels in the CLARIAH Virtual Research Environment (VRE).

Gabmap is a dialectometry program developed by Peter Kleiweg at the University of Groningen and a part of the CLARIN infrastructure
(see Dr. Heeringa will first give an introduction in dialectometry and give an tutorial where the colleagues of the university of Gothenburg use Gabmap for doing dialectometric analyses, using either a Norwegian or Dutch data set.
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