Political Repression in U.S. History

C.A. van Minnen (Redacteur)

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    The authors of the essays in this book amass considerable historical evidence illustrating various forms of political repression and its relationship with democracy in the United States, from the late-eighteenth century to the present. They discuss efforts, made mostly but not only by government agencies, to control actions and expressions of dissent, criticism, unpalatable truths, political opposition, or, indeed, any kind of opinions that threatened or inconvenienced powerful and privileged groups in the United States. The authors examine the justifications and multiple means of political repression, and identify individuals and social groups that have been victims of repressive attitudes and policies, because of their political ideology or opinions, or because they represented diverse racial, ethnic and religious minorities. This volume, then, is a contribution to the discussion about the paradox of the historical and ongoing existence of political repression in the United States, within a democracy which theoretically guarantees individual rights and freedoms based on equality under the law.
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