Proceedings of the Conference on Computational Humanities Research 2021

Maud Ehrmann (Redacteur), Folgert Karsdorp (Redacteur), Melvin Wevers (Redacteur), Tara Lee Andrews (Redacteur), Manuel Burghardt (Redacteur), Mike Kestemont (Redacteur), Enrique Manjavacas (Redacteur), Michael Piotrowski (Redacteur), Joris J. van Zundert (Redacteur)

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It seems very likely that future historians will have to portray 2020 CE as an annus horribilis, not least because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Although this might seem like a small consolation in the grand scheme of things, the same future historians will nevertheless have to acknowledge that 2020 was also the year which saw the first edition of the Computational Humanities Research Workshop, which was a real success. The original plan had been to host the workshop in Amsterdam in the autumn of 2020, bringing physically under one roof the community of Humanities scholars with an orientation towards the computational. The global lockdown that was necessitated by the pandemic quickly wiped those happy prospects off the table. Eventually, and only thanks to the agility of the local organizers, the workshop took place as a virtual event online (18--20 November 2020). In spite of these chaotic circumstances, the organizers, presenters and audience can look back with satisfaction on a smooth series of presentations, lively discussions afterwards, and even a fully-fledged social event during the otherwise lonely evenings of the workshop.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 22 okt. 2021


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