Proposal for the EOSC Semantic Interoperability Questionnaire

Barbara Magagna, Kurt Baumann, Romain David, Thomas Jouneau, Yann Le Franc, Hanna Koivula, Bénédicte Madon, Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström, Milan Ojsteršek, Andrea Scharnhorst, Chris Schubert, Zhengdong Shi, Letizia Tanca, Sadia Vancauwenbergh, Lars Vogt, Heinrich Widmann

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This document provides supplementary material for the paper "Converging towards a Semantic interoperability framework for EOSC: understanding the different community solutions to semantic interoperability" submitted as a contribution to the 2nd Workshop on Ontologies for FAIR and FAIR Ontologies (Onto4FAIR). Its purpose is to provide additional information and insights about the questionnaire approach proposed to survey the resources utilised by communities in addressing semantic interoperability issues. This document will be used as a guide in the implementation of the questionnaire, planned to be ready by the end of June. The survey itself will be ongoing over the summer and terminate at the end of September 2023.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 01 jun. 2023


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