Recommendations for Services in a FAIR data ecosystem

Daniel Bangert, Emilie Hermans, René van Horik, M.A. De Jong, Hylke Koers, Mustapha Mokrane

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This report highlights common challenges and priorities, and proposes a set of initial recommendations on how existing data infrastructures can evolve and collaborate to provide services that support the implementation of the FAIR data principles, in particular in the context of building the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The report is an output of three workshops designed to explore, discuss and formulate such recommendations and is aimed at stakeholders in the scholarly world and particularly the EOSC Governance.
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    Recommendations for Services in a FAIR Data Ecosystem

    Koers, H., Bangert, D., Hermans, E., van Horik, R., De Jong, M. A. & Mokrane, M., jul 2020, In : Patterns. July 07, 10 blz.

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