RELISH LMF: unlocking the full power of the Lexical Markup Framework

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In 2008 ISO TC 37 (ISO 24613:2008) published the Lexical Markup Framework (LMF) standard ( This standard was based on input of many experts in the field a core model and a whole series of extensions were specified in the form of UML class diagrams. For a specific lexicon one selects the extensions needed and adorns the resulting model with data categories taken from the ISOcat Data Category Registry ( The standard supports interoperability of lexica on various levels: it establishes patterns for lexica with specific purposes and also defines the terminology associated with them. However, on the level of data exchange the standard provided less guidance. For example, the XML serialization specified by a DTD in an informative annex doesn’t support the modular setup of LMF and also underspecifies the link with the ISOcat. This poster will show RELISH LMF ( an alternative XML serialization of LMF based on Relax NG, a modern XML schema language, and Schematron, a rule based XML validator. This serialization allows one to extend the LMF core model with selected extensions and own lexicon specific extensions, use TEI feature structures declarations and representations to specify and store the actual information and to embed references into ISOcat for semantic interoperability. With these powerful features the RELISH LMF serialization supports and, on the XML level, unlocks the full power of LMF.
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