Research Network on Regional Economic and Policy History

A.M. Molema, Arno van der Zwet

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    In the spring of 2017, the Research Network on Regional Economic and Policy History organised its inaugural workshop in London. The network aims to stimulate research in relation to regional economic development and planning challenges, by exploring the importance of historical approaches and methodologies whilst uncovering linkages between historical science and regional studies. The added value of historical perspective is that it assists to reveals path dependencies in a region’s economy and can provide learnings in terms of the successes and failures of policy instruments, strategies and institutions that are responsible for the implementation of regional policy. Furthermore, history can provide much needed ‘thick’ descriptions which highlight contingencies. This contribution first explores the perspectives for interdisciplinary exchange between the study of history and the fields of regional and planning studies. Subsequently, it provides an outline of the aims and objective, key activities and participants of the network.
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