SHEBANQ: System for HEBrew Text: ANnotations for Queries and Markup

D. Roorda (Ontwikkelaar), Oliver Glanz, H. van den Berg (Ontwikkelaar), Heleen Van de Schraaf (Ontwikkelaar)

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The shebanq service is the first data service of
Shebanq is a search engine for the Hebrew Bible, powered by the ETCBC4 linguistic database, formerly know as WIVU.
The data is archived for open access, clicking the Sources menu or the DANS logo at the bottom will bring you to the treasure trove.
Shebanq is open source. It consists of a webservice shemdros and a web application shebanq.
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Plaats van productieAmsterdam
UitgeverData Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
StatusGepubliceerd - 01 aug. 2014


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    van Peursen, W. T. & Roorda, D.


    Project: Onderzoek

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