SIOR: An Egalitarian Scientific Agora

Esther Oliver, Andrea Scharnhorst, Joan Cabré, Vladia Ionescu

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The Social Impact Open Repository (SIOR) has become a unique data source at the international level in which researchers can display, quote, and store the social impact of their research results. SIOR arises from the social and political needs to know and connect with scientific projects to assess their social impact, promoting transparency of science and open-access systems. This repository has been designed to allow researchers to link their social impacts with research institutions and citizens. In short, SIOR reveals possibilities for transforming scientific research through means such as developing a qualitative tool as an egalitarian scientific agora that enables assessment of social improvements derived from social sciences and humanities (SSH) research. SIOR is a qualitative and open peer-review tool that allows citizens to comment online about an investigation’s impact on society.
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TijdschriftQualitative Inquiry
Volume 26
Nummer van het tijdschrift8-9
StatusGepubliceerd - 2020


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