Social partnership in the Northern Netherlands (1985-?)

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    The goal of this chapter is to expand the historiography on social partnership to practices on the sub-national scale. Recent decades have seen a dynamic urban and regional practice of social and economic consultation bodies, although their continued existence is also at risk. In order to explore why this is the case, four theses are explored through a case-study of the Sociaal Economische Raad Noord-Nederland (and its predecessors). The organizational history of this consultative body is marked by a growing misbalance between three functions: consultation, lobby and advice. In the last decade, the advisory role had to compensate for the other functions of diminishing importance. As a result, the SER Noord-Nederland has been assessed mainly on the quality of its advices, while the other roles of the institute have been neglected. Its legitimacy is still under pressure, and the future of the institute after 2017 is uncertain.
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