Societies under German Occupation: A source edition

Tatjana Tönsmeyer* (Redacteur), René Kok (Overig), C R Ribbens (Overig), Peter Romijn (Overig)

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World War II occupation is a central part of Europe’s dark heritage. This online source edition documents the impact of this occupation on the everyday lives of millions of Europeans. Aimed both at academic researchers and students, it presents more than 600 sources from all the European countries occupied by the Nazi Wehrmacht between 1939 and 1945.
These sources have been researched, transcribed and annotated by leading international experts from all of the European countries occupied during the war, as well as from the Federal Republic of Germany, and they have been taken from 92 archives, museums and other institutions, following carefully planned criteria. Originally written in 21 different languages, they have been translated into English by professional translators. Each source is presented in three versions: in an English translation, which also provides comprehensive annotation; as a transcript in the original language, which allows for full-text access to the source in its original form; and as a high-resolution scan of the original document. Interactive modules such as an advanced document search, map, timeline and virtual workspace also open up a wider range of research possibilities.
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Plaats van productieWuppertal, Germany
StatusGepubliceerd - jul. 2023


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