Spatial demography: A unifying core and agenda for further research

J. Raymer (Co-auteur), F.J. Willekens, A. Rogers

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With increases in the availability of geo‐referenced data, there has been a push for developing better methods to study demographic processes across space. This paper reviews the recent developments in “spatial demography” and argues that an important aspect has been neglected, namely, the focus on the dynamics and interactions of population change across space, which is an area that should be central to the field. Frameworks for analysing spatial demography were first proposed in multiregional demography. This paper revisits these methods and then describes how methods developed by geographers, economists, and other social scientists for analysing spatial data may be better integrated to study spatial population dynamics.
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TijdschriftPopulation, Space and Place
Vroegere onlinedatumaug. 2018
StatusGepubliceerd - mei 2019


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