Teacher educators’ perspectives on globalcitizenship education and multilingualcompetences

Salam Mairi, Johanna Gruber, Sarah Mercer, Alina Schartner, Jan Ybema, Tony Young, C. van der Meer

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This study reports on the unique and personal experiences of 17 teachereducators fromfive different countries when integrating globalcitizenship education (GCE) and multilingual competences (MC) intotheir teaching practices. The qualitative study employed in-depth, semi-structured interviews to capture the complex and individual nature oftheir attitudes and practices towards incorporating GCE and MC intoteaching. Through reflexive thematic analysis,findings revealed thatthese teacher educators experienced different pathways ofunderstanding and gradual growth in their knowledge surrounding thetopics. Furthermore, the study shows that anyone wishing toincorporate GCE and MC into their teaching practice may set out fromdiverse starting points. Findings reveal three motivations for teachingGCE and or MC including making a difference in the world, being ableto deal with the complex education system, and striving for socialequity. Lastly, participants provided advice to teachers and teachereducators about how GCE and MC can be approached. In sum, thestudy uncovered a need to provide time, resources, and opportunitiesfor teachers and teacher educators to grow their own understandingsand capabilities for working with these approaches and the importanceof individual motivation in driving the agenda forward in the absenceof systemic support.
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TijdschriftJournal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 23 jan. 2023


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