Technical and Security Aspects of the CoreTrustSeal Application

Ilona von Stein, Hervé L'Hours , Maja Dolinar, Birger Jerlehag, Jonas Recker, Birger Jerlehag

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Past work through the CESSDA Trust Working Group has identified that technical and security infrastructure elements are a challenge for repositories undertaking self-assessments against the CoreTrustSeal. This is perhaps because staff undertaking self-assessments are usually from the curation rather than the technical side of the organisation. The CoreTrustSeal addresses the issues of technical and security infrastructure mainly through Requirements 15 and 16, however, technology and security aspects come into the picture throughout all of the Requirements. Repositories, doing their self-assessments against the CoreTrustSeal should be aware of the issues they need to take into consideration when conducting self-assessments. The poster will present an overview of all of the Requirements from the technical and security point of view, focusing in more detail on Requirements 15 and 16, and identify possible questions, issues, and activities repositories should take into consideration when preparing the application for the CoreTrustSeal. It will show what activities and supporting evidence could be provided for in order to meet the requirements.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 06 nov 2018


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