The closed vowels in West Frisian revisited. On the mismatch between phonetic duration and phonological length

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In most of the literature on West Frisian, it is assumed that this language has a
symmetrical vowel system, consisting of nine short and nine corresponding long
vowels. These vowels all occur in minimal pairs, meaning that this distinction has phonemic value. This traditional view was challenged in De Haan (1999), where an asymmetrical classification is proposed in which the closed vowels /i/, /y/ and /u/, in spite of their short duration, are considered to be long vowels. In this paper, I want to assess the pros and cons of this asymmetrical classification, add some new arguments in favour of it, and come up with a representation of /i/, /y/ and /u/ which captures both their phonological length and phonetic duration.
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TitelFrom West to North Frisia A Journey along the North Sea Coast. Frisian studies in honour of Jarich Hoekstra
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