The fungal composition of natural biofinishes on oil-treated wood

Elke J. van Nieuwenhuijzen, Jos A. M. P. Houbraken, Peter J Punt, Guus Roeselers, Olaf C G Adan, Robert A. Samson

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Biofinished wood is considered to be a decorative and protective material for outdoor constructions, showing advantages compared to traditional treated wood in terms of sustainability and self-repair. Natural dark wood staining fungi are essential to biofinish formation on wood. Although all sorts of outdoor situated timber are subjected to fungal staining, the homogenous dark staining called biofinish has only been detected on specific vegetable oil-treated substrates. Revealing the fungal composition of various natural biofinishes on wood is a first step to understand and control biofinish formation for industrial application.
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TijdschriftFungal Biology and Biotechnology
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2017


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