The Genera of Fungi - G6: Arthrographis, Kramasamuha, Melnikomyces, Thysanorea, and Verruconis

M. Hernández-Restrepo, A.Giraldo [Unknown], R. van Doorn, M.J. Wingfield, J.Z. Groenewald, R.W. Barreto, A.A. Colmán, P.S.C. Mansur, P.W. Crous

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The Genera of Fungi series, of which this is the sixth contribution, links type species of fungal genera to their morphology and DNA sequence data. Five genera of microfungi are treated in this study, with new species introduced in Arthrographis, Melnikomyces, and Verruconis. The genus Thysanorea is emended and two new species and nine combinations are proposed. Kramasamuha sibika, the type species of the genus, is provided with DNA sequence data for first time and shown to be a member of Helminthosphaeriaceae (Sordariomycetes). Aureoconidiella is introduced as a new genus representing a new lineage in the Dothideomycetes.
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TijdschriftFungal Systematics and Evolution
StatusGepubliceerd - feb. 2020

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