The impact of the economic crisis on family policies in the European Union

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The economic crisis has had, and is still having, a large impact on the well-being of families in the European Union. The severity of the crisis, the ability of governments to respond to it, and the actual responses adopted vary however widely across Member States. The aim of the meeting organized on 26 November 2009 in Brussels, with members of the EU network of experts on family policies, was to gain a better understanding of the impact of the crisis on the supply of, and demand for, family policies. The current report is based on verbal reports presented at the meeting and responses provided to a questionnaire prepared by the European Commission.1 The questionnaire asked the experts to report on the changes to their country’s family policy since October 2008.2 It also asked them whether or not the changes had been introduced in response to the economic crisis or were instead part of structural changes, and whether the changes were temporary or long-term. We also complemented this material with information from various other sources.
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