Журнал «Крокодил», 1922—1937 гг.: количественные подходы к изучению советской официальной сатиры

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The article is dedicated to the Soviet satire in 1920—1930’s. The main source of the research is the satirical magazine “Krokodil”, published since 1922. The article applies quantitative research methods to this heterogeneous source. Most notably, through formalization and categorization of the materials of the journal it is possible to define several thematic blocks, and then trace how the content of the magazine changed over time. The first part of the article discusses in detail the methodological aspects of working with such source, explains the details of the formalization of the materials and preparation of a database. This approach allows simultaneous analysis of graphics and text materials of the journal. In the second part the results of the quantitative analysis are interpreted, such as the distribution of the magazine publications in different years and the change of topics. Finally, the connections between the content of “Krokodil” and other periodicals are shown.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageThe “Krokodil” Magazine, 1922—1937: Quantitative Approaches to Research of the Official Soviet Satire
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TijdschriftЭлектронный научно-образовательный журнал «История»
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StatusGepubliceerd - nov 2015


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