De paradoxale vertrouwelijkheid van het web: Oprechtheid en anonimiteit in Dagboek van een kindermeisje

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In August 2005, on the Dutch web forum FOK!, someone calling herself Nadine26 wrote about the mutual attraction between herself and the man she was babysitting for. A conversation ensued, and as the affair took shape, the forum’s visitors cheered, warned, and consoled her. In the final message a disillusioned Nadine broke with her lover, and took revenge by announcing her Internet diary was about to be published as a book. And indeed, in March 2007, a book was published titled (‘’), by an author identified as Nadine S. The book was compiled out of the earlier forum messages and the forum visitors’ comments. A lively, often angry debate followed about the legal and moral aspects of acting under false pretenses in a public forum and of reprinting, without asking, other people’s messages.
This chapter discusses the paradoxes of anonimity, confidentiality and sincerity in the affair. Anonimity facilitates sincerity and trust; at the same time, anonimity ceates the conditions for cheating and misuse of trust. I trace the role of confidentiality in the original forum threads, in the book publication and in the online debate about the affair.
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