"This large research infrastructure will benefit our region” But how?

L. van Drooge, J. Deuten

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Evidence relating to social returns is of vital importance to the sustainability of a large Research Infrastructure (RI). For scientists/users the value of an RI is generally self-evident. However, funders, politicians and policy makers need to justify their decision to spend substantive amounts of public funding on a single RI, knowing that the impact or return of investment will only be achieved in the far future. An indication of social return is increasingly requested, including for allocations of funds for fundamental research, as is the case with the large RIs.
Management of RIs have indicated the urgent need to understand, monitor and actively contribute to impact ad itinere. This is required for the sustainable maintenance of the RIs. We are involved in the ACCELERATE project in order to develop a socially robust social impact monitoring approach for the RIs involved.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2017
EvenementEu-SPRI Annual Conference 2017: The future of STI - The future of STI-policy - Vienna, Oostenrijk
Duur: 07 jun. 201709 jun. 2017


ConferentieEu-SPRI Annual Conference 2017
Verkorte titelEu-SPRI 2017
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