Towards a concise DARIAH service strategy: 2020 Reflections - White Paper

Laure Barbot, Arnaud Roi, Andrea Scharnhorst, Matej Durco, Frank Fischer, Tibor Kalman, Yoann Moranville, Tomasz Parkoła, Vicky Garnett, Jennifer Edmond, Erzsebet Toth-Czifra

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This white paper primarily served as an internal working document for the DARIAH ERIC. We inspected current service policies and practices across ERIC’s with an emphasis on social sciences and humanities. We summarised earlier analysis of the DARIAH service portfolio. The ultimate purpose of the paper was to create a common ground of understanding what DARIAH services are and how to develop governance and management around them. Still, when writing this paper, we realised that others might encounter similar questions in their quest, and so could learn from our exploration.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 01 mrt. 2021


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