Tumor Suppressors in Zebrafish: From TP53 to PTEN and Beyond

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Zebrafish are increasingly being used to study cancer. Almost all tumor types have been found in zebrafish. However, tumor incidence is relatively low and tumors develop late in life. Functional inactivation of tumor suppressors is a crucial step in cancer progression and more and more tumor suppressor genes are being studied in zebrafish. Most often tumor suppressors have been inactivated by reverse genetics approaches using targeted disruption. However, some tumor suppressor mutants were identified by forward genetic screens for mutants with a particular phenotype. Some of the latter genes had not been recognized as tumor suppressors yet. Similarly, a screen for genes that suppress tumor formation in zebrafish in vivo led to the identification of a novel tumor suppressor gene. In this review, I will provide an overview of what the zebrafish has taught us about tumor suppressors.

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