Tweak Your CMDI Forms to the Max

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Metadata records created and provided via the Component Metadata Infrastructure (CMDI) can be of high quality due to the possibility to create a metadata profile tailored for a specific resource type. However, this flexibility comes with a cost: it's harder to create a metadata editor that can cope well with this diversity. In the Dutch CLARIAH project the aim is to create a user-friendly CMDI editor, which is able to deal with arbitrary profiles and can be embedded in the environments of the various partners. Already a few CMDI editors have been created, e.g., Arbil [Withers 2012], CMDI-Maker [CLASS 2018] and COMEDI [Lyse et al 2015]. Of these Arbil is not supported anymore and CMDI-Maker only supports a limited number of profiles. COMEDI can handle arbitrary CMDI profiles, but it comes with its own dedicated environment and stays very close to the profile, which makes certain technical limitations of CMDI still leak into the end user’s experience. An example is the lack of multilingual labels for elements in the CMDI profile specifications. In this abstract CLARIAH’s CMDI Forms (CCF; [KNAW HuC DI 2018a]) is introduced. It supports CMDI 1.2 and can handle any CMDI profile, but also allows various tweaks (usually small adjustments) to enhance usability. CMDI Forms can also be embedded, by a set of plugins, into a specific environment. The next sections will describe these features in more depth.
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