Two new Talaromyces species from soil in Thailand

L. Manoch, T. Dethoup, N. Yilmaz, J. Houbraken, R.A. Samson

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    Two new Talaromyces species, T. thailandensis and T. tratensis, isolated from forest soil in Trat in Thailand are described. ITS barcodes were used to show the relationships between the newly described species and other Talaromyces taxa. β-tubulin and RPB1 sequences were used for the detailed analysis and the phylogenetic data showed that Talaromyces tratensis resolved in a clade closely related to T. rotundus, T. phialosporus and T. tardifaciens, which contain species that typically display restricted growth. Talaromyces thailandensis was resolved in different clades for each gene in a position closely related to T. macrosporus and T. flavus where they can be distinguished by length of stipe and shape of conidia. © 2013 The Mycological Society of Japan.
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2013


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