User Delegation in the CLARIN Infrastructure

Jonathan Blumtritt, Willem Elbers, Marie Hinrichs, Wei Qiu, Twan Goosen, Mischa Sallé, M. Windhouwer

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The CLARIN research infrastructure aims to place language resources and services within easy reach of the humanities researchers. One of the measures to make access easy is to allow these researchers to access them using their home institutions credentials. However, the technology used for this makes it hard for services to make delegated call, i.e., a call on behalf of the researcher, to other services. In this paper several use cases, e.g., interaction with a researcher’s private workspace or protected resources, show how user delegation would enrich the capabilities of the infrastructure. To enable these use cases various technical solutions have been investigated and some of these have been used in pilot implementations of the use cases. This paper reports on the use cases, the research and the implementation experiences.
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TitelSelected Papers from the CLARIN 2014 Conference, October 24-25, 2014, Soesterberg, The Netherlands
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