Visualizing Literary Data

E. Tjong Kim Sang

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We look at different aspects of Dutch magazines, both from the fields of literary studies and linguistic studies. We explore the background of authors with respect to birth locations, ages and gender, and also in how language use in the magazines evolved over a period of several decades. We have created several interactive visualizations which enable researchers to browse and analyze text data and their metadata. The design of these visualizations was nontrivial: invoking questions about how to deal with missing data and documents with multiple authors. The data required for some of the visualizations useful for researchers, were infeasible for the software architecture to generate within a reasonable time-span. In a case study, we look at some of the research questions that can be answered by the data visualizations and suggest another data view that could be interesting for literary research. Interesting topics for future research rely heavily on improvements of the search architecture used and including extra annotation layers to our text corpora.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 23 mei 2016


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