Waarom (ik denk dat) een deelzin slechts één voorzetselvoorwerp kan bevatten: Een antwoord aan Ina Schermer-Vermeer

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Schermer-Vermeer (this volume) claims that grammatical models have played a decisive role in answering the question as to whether a simple clause may contain more than one prepositional object. Although I believe that theoretical considerations can be very useful in deciding among competing hypotheses, this reply article shows that Schermer-Vermeer is wrong in arguing that my earlier conclusion that there can be at most one PP-object in a clause is forced upon me by two hypotheses found in (certain versions of) the generative framework, namely (i) the unaccusativity hypothesis and (ii) the hypothesis that verbs can take at most two internal arguments.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageWhy I think that a clause contains at most one prepositional object: A reply to Ina Schermer-Vermeer
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