Trabajos y Trabajadores en América Latina (Siglos XVI-XXi)

Rossana Barragàn (Redacteur)

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Work and Workers in Latin America (Trabajo y Trabajadores en América Latina, Siglos XVI-XXI (CIS, REDLATT, 2019) is a book organized in 5 sections introduced by well-known scholars:
1) The gender of work/non work; Mirta Lobato, Verena Stolcke, María Ullivarri
2) Historiographies on labour; Larissa Correa, Paulo Drinot and David Mayer
3) Labour and coaction; Paola Revilla and Christian G. de Vito
4) Conflicts and struggles, Gabriela Scodeller, Lucas Poy, Sergio Serulnikov and Carlos Illades
5) Informaly and Precarity; Gioconda Herrera.
Every section has three to four contributions from different authors, periods and countries summarizing a total of 17 articles and 22 authors from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay.
This book is the result of the network on Labour on Latin America (REDLATT) that received the support of different institutions, mainly the IISG, Re-Work and CIS, for its conference and book.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageWork and Workers in Latin America
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TitelTrabajo y Trabajadores en América Latina (Siglos XVI-XXI)
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